Kimberley loves God, has a crush on her husband and is passionate about helping people! 

She is Founder and President of TestiFire Ministries, a nonprofit organization serving the spiritual needs of the community. She assists those who are hurting and spiritually exhausted find their way out of the darkness of despair into the light of hope.  Kimberley has been walking with God and sharing His Good News through speaking, teaching, and training up others for over twenty years!

Kimberley loves to Inspire, Ignite and Invigorate others to overcome life’s obstacles and move forward in the abundant life that is waiting! She has the unique ability to share her own past hurts with humor and transparency that compels others to break free from all that is holding them back to living a life of abundance. 

She is especially passionate about helping women of all ages and backgrounds become confident of the beautiful woman God has created them to be. Her own story of forgiveness and restoration leads other women down their path to true freedom and joy!  She shares her personal journey so others may find the victory because of the "blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony" (Revelation 12:11).

As an inspirational speaker, Kimberley addresses churches, ministries, nonprofits, organizations, and businesses. She encourages and challenges these groups to unite and work as a team to reach the goals set before them. She truly believes “Oh how good and pleasant it is when people dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1).

If you are looking for someone to Excite, Energize and Empower the people of your church or organization to be all they were created to be, 

contact Kimberley. 


What People Are Saying

It is my pleasure to recommend Kimberley Frazier as a speaker for your organization. Kimberley connects with her audience instantly. She is able to grab the audience’s attention immediately with scripture, a personal story or a kind greeting. It is rare to find a speaker who engages and connects with a diverse group of participants and Kim is a true professional in this area. Her energetic personality and charisma overflow into her audience and engagement and participation evolves quite naturally during her presentation. Kimberley knows how to spiritually fill up a group of people. She knows how to break down the denominational walls and bring unity to a group!

Kim is an authentic Christian who lives her life for Jesus. It is evident that she walks in His image on a daily basis and takes every opportunity to share the Gospel. I have witnessed this on many occasions and every interaction I have with Kim results in spiritual growth and a deeper love for our Savior. Words cannot express how blessed I am!  Her analogies and spiritual awareness has touched my life forever!

Kimberley Frazier will be an asset to your organization and will touch the lives of those who have the opportunity to hear her speak.

Denise Peters

Literary Coach

I had the pleasure of hearing Kimberley Frazier speak at our meeting in June of 2017. Kim ranks among the very best speakers I’ve encountered. She is an electrifying public speaker and her passion for helping others is compelling. In just 30 minutes, her message on being consistent in our daily lives resulted in encouraging and empowering the men and women in attendance. We gained a fresh perspective and a new motivation for living our lives to the fullest! 

It is my honor to recommend Kimberley as a speaker for your event. She is truly inspirational. 

Brian Osterhoudt

Lay Director

Indian River Via De Cristo



I have been blessed for many years by Kim’s ability to help you detach from the world and be in God’s presence with her. She gives hope and sets your spirit on fire! She is authentic and real, and this talent that she has been blessed with helps you grab Jesus’s hand the day you hear her speak and beyond. 

I have had the privilege of working with Kimberley at a few of her events.  She has an energy that lights up any environment she is in.  She can reach young and old crowds with her down to earth and witty outlook on life.  She has the uncanny ability to open people's minds to a more positive way of viewing any situation.  If you want to change things up, set an established work force on fire or train up young business professionals, Kim is a win to any team her name is added too.

Theresa Bowen

Office Administration



Speaking Topics Addressed, But Not Limited To

New Year...No Fear!

   Fear is a lie! Fear is tormenting!  Fear is from the Enemy! Fear paralyzes us as Christians!  It is time to take back what the enemy has stolen and be FREE! 

Warrior Woman...Unleashed

 We are in a spiritual battle but we are soldiers in the army of the Lord! It’s time for us to unite and fight the enemy! We are women of God and are powerful and strong! You may not always feel strong but In Christ, you are “more than a conqueror!”   

Root of Offense, the Silent Killer

People hurt one another.  Do not let anger and unforgiveness control your life.  Learn how to forgive, let go and trust again.

The Power of Positive Words

  Do you speak Life or Death? Your relationships at home, church and your workplace depend on your answer!

Consistent or Resistant?

 Do not resist the troubles in life.  Be consistent with your daily spiritual disciplines so you will be empowered to have true rest and peace no matter what trials come your way! 

Be Anxious for Nothing

  Instead, learn how to consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds!

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